Things You Should Never Do While Styling Your Hair

You have been styling your hair since long, but what if we told you that you have been doing it wrong? Take a look at these tips below, to make sure you always style your hair without damaging it. Next time you style your hair, we are sure you are going to do it the right way

Things You Should Never Do While Styling Your Hair

1. Leave It Dry When your hair is wet, it is most susceptible to damage. Make sure you dry you hair out before you sleep. Once you̢‰re done with your shower, give it a good hand dry and you are good to go.

2. The Product Is A Must If you skip the product, then welcome the frizz. You need to apply some product onto your hair whether you style it or not. You can choose BBLUNT Anti Frizz Leave-in Cream to help keep the frizz in control.

3. Not Too Tight Style your hairstyle to perfection. But make sure you don̢‰t pull your hair too tight in the process. This can ultimately take a toll on your hair, causing hair fall.

4. Dream On A Silk Pillow Silk is gentle on your hair. If you haven̢‰t already changed your pillowcase, do it now! It allows more movement when you sleep and it doesn̢‰t pull your hair, compared to the cotton pillowcases.

5. Wrap Your Hair Up If you don̢‰t own a silk pillowcase, but you need your hair to look tidy in the morning, wrap it up with a scarf. Make sure it is dry as hay before you hit the sack.

6. Don̢t Get Too Intense Excessive brushing creates more of a problem than solving one. Brushing your hair once a day is enough to remove the tangles Versículo Do Dia. Don̢‰t overdo it, or you will eventually lose your hair.

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